Themisia Tokenomics


The national Themisian currency backed by real precious metals.

The national reserve currency of Themisia is Kingsilver—a dynamic cryptocurrency that derives its value, not from the U.S dollar, like many modern fiat currencies, but from real precious metals (gold, silver, and platinum) held as collateral, just how the US dollar was backed by real gold before coming off the 'gold standard' in 1971. This monetary independence allows Themisia to ensure the perpetuation of a strong, stable national currency that is protected as much as possible from the fiscal policies of other nations.

Community Shares

Tokenize your project, raise money or invest in projects you believe in.

Any creator who has a desire to create value within the Themisia economy can tokenize that value—or the potential of that future value—in the form of a custom branded and named fixed supply token called Community Shares. Community Shares represent the revenue distribution for whatever the creator specifies, from a specific product or service, a company or brand that has a variety of products or services, or a perhaps even Community Shares that represent himself, and therefore all of the value that he or she will create in the Themisia economy.

Creators can keep all of their Community Shares if they choose, and thereby receive 100% of all revenue from selling their products and services in the Themisian economy, and some creators may decide to sell a percentage of their Community Shares to the public in a crowdfunding campaign in order to capitalize their project.

Once the revenue associated with a particular Community Shares token exceeds a certain amount, it will be listed on Kingsilver Exchange where it can be openly traded for Kingsilver at a price determined by natural supply and demand.

Property, Governance, & Reputation

Explained in the Themisia whitepaper are the tokens associated with property, voting & reputation.

Property Tokens

  • Deed token (for ownership)

  • Lease token (for lending contracts)

  • Trademark token (for brand and name related intellectual property)

  • Copyright token (for creative work related property)

Governance Tokens

  • Vote token (for casting a vote)

  • Role token (for granting permissions in a community or organization)

  • Domain token (for delegating voting power)

Reputation Tokens

  • Integrity token (representing an individual's record for doing what they promised)

  • Experience token (representing spent within certain domains)

  • Achievement token (representing awards and recognitions from certain communities)

  • Connection token (representing a mutually agreed social connection between citizens)

  • Competence token (representing collective judgement of an individual's work)

  • Level token (representing the overall contribution to Themisia)