Aslen Claymore

Founder & CEO

Aslen started and grew a self-development business up to annual revenues of over half a million dollars, has published a book on the dating psychology of masculinity, and produced multiple personal development online courses. Themisia is the culmination of a lifelong search for paths to meaning, purpose and happiness.

Peter Hunt

VP of Business Strategy

Peter is an experienced investor and consultant with a track record spanning the Internet, broadly the digital economy and start-ups. He has held executive positions including Head of Business Development for the online brokerage of Creditanstalt Investment bank, (Austria) being the first online brokerage for CEE.

Kent Babin

VP of Communications & Investor Relations

Kent is a communications specialist focused on turning complex technical solutions into language understood by the general public. Through REDHILL, a communications agency headquartered in Singapore, he has done work for Quadrant Protocol, Zcash, RealT, Velo, and Bluzelle.

Lucas Toledo

UX & Product Designer

Tom is a Full Stack Developer and Software Architect with a history helping clients with microservice architecture in cloud platforms, software development automation and CI/CD processes.

Tomáš Knězek

Full Stack Developer

Tom is a Full Stack Developer and Software Architect with a history helping clients with microservice architecture in cloud platforms, software development automation and CI/CD processes.

Nikola Dašić

Back End Developer

Nikola is a Back End Developer specialising in Node.js, Meteor.js and JavaScript.


Matt McGraw

Founder & CEO, Dispatch Labs / Partner, The Bureau

Matt is an entrepreneur and CEO with expertise in quickly scaling businesses. After leading and shepherding a versatile range of tech companies, Matt’s current focus is on technologies that disrupt hierarchies, and disseminate control of secure information to data users, ranging from individuals to enterprise clients. His innate design thinking focus complements a belief that good corporate governance and culture makes success possible.

Toni Lane

Founder, / Cofounder, CoinTelegraph

Toni Lane is an artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry. She has been a core founder at several impactful ventures, including CoinTelegraph. Miss Lane is currently creating CULTU.RE, a company founded to create global citizenship through cooperation, and evolve the future of government into communities beyond borders. She is an empath, investor, artist, advisory board member, transformational evangelist and founder who has been affectionately entitled “The Joan of Arc of Blockchain” by her peers and various publications.

Anthem Blanchard

Founder & CEO,, AnthemGold, AnthemVault

A Co-Founder of Anthem Vault, Anthem Hayek Blanchard is the company’s Chief Executive Officer, also serving as a member of the Board of Directors. As Director of Strategic Development and Marketing with European-based GoldMoney, Anthem helped increase of total value held by the company from $1 million in 2002 to $368 million by 2008; today, the company holds over $2 billion in client assets.

Janina Lowisz

CoFounder & VP of Marketing, Cashaa / Cofounder, BitNation

Janina is the Co-Founder & VP Marketing at Cashaa, a banking platform providing business accounts for the cryptocurrency space. A Bitcoin enthusiast since early 2013 due to its political, social and economic aspects, she also co-founded Bitnation, the first virtual nation.

Dan Sloan

Full-Stack Developer and Product Manager, Lucid Horizons

Dan has been working in the software industry for over 15 years as both a developer and a product manager, and is a passionate advocate of the use of empathy and mindfulness in software development. He contributes to and uses open source projects such as the Ghost publishing platform, the GatsbyJS static site generator, the Django web framework, and others. A varied career working in everything from education to enterprise to telecom has given Dan a broad domain knowledge, including time spent working in systems administration, systems security, and even a period working for a vendor with ETSI on the Network Function Virtualization ISG.