Sovereign Communities Building The Truth Economy

Themisia is a vision for a decentralized, democratic virtual nation where global citizens can build businesses, form communities, create content, and develop reputations, protected by a constitution and game-theory judicial system, built entirely on immutable blockchain technology.

Decentralized liberty

Imagine if it was possible for your fundamental rights to identity, liberty and property to be protected online.

Imagine if there was a legal constitution that recognised these rights and was accessible to every individual with an internet connection.

Imagine if social platforms, instead of being centrally regulated and policed, like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, were self-regulated. What if the myriad of communities that people naturally form around their shared values and interests regulated and policed themselves? What if, at the same time, every individual in every community was still bound to a single, shared constitution that protected their fundamental rights, regardless of the rules in their communities?

Imagine if all of the social, creative and economic capital you generate online within your chosen communities, including your social media profiles with all of their valuable content, followers, subscribers, likes, and comments, were your property and could not be seized or removed, by either the platform or by decree of the community in which it was posted, without a fair and impartial trial, no matter where in the world you are from?

Imagine if, after having been determined to have broken a community's rules, all of your capital could still only be removed from that particular community whose rules have been broken, and you would then be free to move it all to a different community whose values were inline with your content and behaviour?

The Republic of Themisia

At its heart of Themisia is a constitution safeguarding every citizen’s fundamental human rights to life (persistent digital identity), liberty (freedom of speech and of the press) and justice (presumption of innocence, a fair trial) on all platforms under its jurisdiction. At a time where internet users are becoming progressively more conscious of their online privacy and liberties, Themisian businesses and platforms will have a competitive advantage being able to offer their users these rights.

Key features:

  • A citizen's passport that can only be obtained via a thorough, but decentralized and autonomous, identity verification process that keeps the nation free of bots and double accounts, while removing the possibility of human bias deciding who can and cannot be a Themisian citizen.

  • A national 'integrity' focused reputation system that determines a citizen's influence and status, disincentivizing bad faith actions that would undermine that reputation.

  • An autonomous community court system where all disputes can be arbitrated, and an appeals process where disputes can be escalated to a High Court and then a Supreme Court where constitutional disputes are ultimately decided.

  • Self-regulated communities that determine their own content and behaviour policies, no matter which platform they are contributing to, as long as those policies are not in discordance with the Themisian Constitution.

  • Kingsilver, a 'stablecoin' cryptocurrency backed by real precious metals (a dynamic 'crypto-alloy' made up primarily from gold, silver and platinum), and therefore protected against the inflation and devaluation of foreign fiat currencies.

  • The Kingsilver Exchange where custom tokens that represent any kind of revenue distribution within the Themisian economy—which any businesses or value creator can mint and customise—can be publically traded with Kingsilver.

  • And far more than can be listed here…

The meaning behind 'Themisia'

Themis is the Ancient Greek Titaness / Goddess of divine justice, wisdom and good counsel—from which the Roman goddess Iustitia ('Lady Justice,' seen above court buildings across the western world) is derived. 'Themisia' can therefore be translated as 'land of justice', or 'land of wisdom.'