The Digital Republic Safeguarding A Free & Open Press

Themisia empowers honest media with the tools they need to fund, investigate, verify, and publish truth, protected from censorship under membership of a digital republic built entirely on peer-to-peer and distributed ledger technology.

Alternative Media Lack the Resources to Compete With Mass Media

Mass media can reach a wide audience without concern for journalistic quality.

Mass media has established credibility with its audience despite declining trust.

Mass media is financed by some of the world’s richest individuals and corporations.

Themisia Provides Alternative Media With a Platform to Investigate, Verify, and Distribute Truth


Complex investigations can be built using verified truth claims from Themisia’s archive.


Facts and reasoning are verified by the community through a process which removes bias.


Funding for any article or investigation can be sourced from the community.


Publications can be set up to deliver articles to the public.

Themisia Safeguards the Truth so That Alternative Media Can Deliver It to the World

Truth Archive Verified by Game Theory

The truth archive is populated with fact and reason claims that have been verified using a decentralized game theory mechanic that induces Forced Rationality.


Users are held to a high standard based on their commitment to telling the truth.


Themisia is a federal republic where users elect representatives, senators, and the president.


No user can be kicked off the platform without a fair arbitration process.